Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grandmas Famous Noodles

You will need:
*Lots of Flour
*1 Whole Chicken
* Chicken Broth
*Salt and Pepper to taste
*Noodle Cutter
*Mixing Bowl (or for you lucky ones the Kitchenaid Mixer with the Dough Hook)
*Cutting Mat
*Rolling Pin
*Stock Pan

I am going to explain this as best as possible. But you will put 1 Tbls. of water per 1 egg. The batch that is pictured has 8 eggs. So that would be 8 Tbls of water. Then you will start to add flour until it is enough to roll out. You don't want it to be "tacky" anywhere, when you roll it out with a rolling pin, you want it to get it as thin as you can. You will need a noodle cutter (which I can't find anywhere, you might have to order is special, trust me it's worth it!!) When you are done rolling them out and cutting them about 4 to 5 inches long you will throw them on a table with wax paper and let them dry. Let them dry for about a good 5 or 6 hours, make sure that when you store them that they won't stick together and turn into mushy dough. This is what the one we use looks like. Ebay for like 11 dollars. So you will roll out the dough,

My Grandmothers written recipeMe, Trish and Sue starting to make them

See, we have it rolled out with the noodle cutter starting to cut them
Once you've rolled them out you throw them on a table to dry with wax paper under them.

Sue pouring in the broth, she has already cooked and cooled the chicken
Me and Mom testing =) Yes, they were amazing!
You will cook a whole chicken, I did a 5 lb chicken on my second batch back home. (Yeah, make sure to clean it out first...didn't do that...) You will want the chicken to cool before you make the noodles with broth. Keep the stock from the Chicken that you cook and then add chicken broth to it. With the 8 eggs batch I add a 32 oz of Chicken Broth plus half of another. You want the broth to boil before you put in the dried noodles. This sounds funny, but to know if the noodles are ready, you have to take a taste test. Being as this is an old recipe there are no "times" or "measurements" really. So if the noodle comes out tasting to doughy or flour-y, let them cook longer. I cooked my 2nd batch for about 45 minutes to an hour, my noodles were a little thicker than Grandma makes. Once the noodles are done you will throw the cooled chicken in the broth and stir it up and let the chicken warm up. This is NOT Chicken Noodle Soup, this is Chicken and Noodles, it should look soupy. It will of course when you first put the noodles in and for a while after that because the noodles are soaking up the broth. Once your chicken is warmed up, there you have it, Chicken and Noodles, made my Marg McConnell. =)
You can also freeze leftover noodles, I don't know how long though =( and this recipe can feed up to 20 people, but 10 if everyone goes back for seconds and they normally do!
We like to eat them with potatoes on the bottom, like the Chicken and Noodles is your gravy...mmmm oh so good! Enjoy and let me know if you make these wonderful babies!


Joelen said...

How fun and what a great recipe to make together!

Kayla said...

These look great. I love old family recipes, they are so great :)