Saturday, January 24, 2009

Salmon Patties

This meal is so quick and so easy! My mother in law told me about making Salmon patties and even sent me home with a can of Salmon.

1 can of Skinless boneless Salmon
6 Saltine Crackers
1 wet piece of bread (not too wet)
1 egg
Salt and Pepper to taste

You will need cooking oil as well to fry the patties up!

Mix ingredients together (minus cornmeal) and pat together to form patties. Coat with the cornmeal and fry! It's that easy! You want them to cook for about 2.5 minutes, until golden brown. This yielded 5 for me which is perfect!

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Mom said...

I didn't know that you liked salmon patties...they are one of my faves! Grandma used to always make them along with macaroni & cheese & Leseur brand baby peas. That was the menu! Dad hates salmon patties, so I guess that is why we don't have them much. Although when he traveled all the time, I would make them, but you kids always just wanted fish sticks, so I usually fixed the salmon just for me, and I'd eat them all week long!
( I think Grandma Angell used to make them ALL THE TIME, when dad was little and that's why dad hates them...kind of like I don't like bologna or hot dogs because that was something Grandma had us eat ALL THE TIME!)